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Conquer the Kitchen in Style: Wolfgang Puck's stainless steel cookware is as beautiful as it is functional. Everything from cool touch handles to non-stick pans to extra wide rims make cooking easier and more enjoyable right at home. And when you're not cooking, the mirror-polished exteriors are perfect for displaying anywhere in your kitchen. You're going to be proud of these cookware pieces. The Perfect Addition for Your Kitchen: Stainless steel mixing bowls that can stand up to anything. Each bowl is equipped with a silicone base so you can stir and mix without worrying about spills. And once you're done mixing, you can easily store each bowl with a lid or go straight to the oven with confidence knowing the bowl can handle up to 400°F of heat. Then when it's time to clean, you can slip the bowls in the dishwasher along with the rest of your dishes. Now that's versatility at your fingertips.