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15-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set and Mixing Bowls



  • STAINLESS-STEEL COOKWARE & MIXING SET: All of Wolfgang’s cookware and mixing bowls are made of mirror-polished stainless steel so they are beautiful to display and can handle any recipe you tackle. Plus, stainless steel won’t interact with your food and alter or interfere with the flavors of your dish. Compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Set Includes: 6QT Stockpot with Lid, 3QT Saucepot with Lid, 11” Deep Saute Skillet with Lid, 8” Skillet, 1QT Saucepan with Lid, 1QT Mixing Bowl with Lid, 3QT Mixing Bowl with Lid, 5QT Mixing Bowl with Lid.
  • NON-STICK WHITFORD ETERNA COATING: A premier non-stick coating, Whitford Eterna provides superior release qualities than other non-stick coatings. Never worry about your food sticking. Plus, the Whitford Eterna coating is scratch-resistant.
  • MIX, BAKE, STORE: No need to use multiple bowls and pans when cooking - you can use Wolfgang’s mixing bowls in the oven up to 400ºF. Plus, each bowl has a lid to make storage a breeze. Use one bowl to mix, bake and store – talk about easy! And when you’re done, Each stainless-steel mixing bowl fits perfectly into the next larger size. They easily nest to take up minimal cabinet space and make it simple to find what you’re looking for.
  • COOL TOUCH HANDLES: Thanks to a unique hollow design, the stainless-steel handles stay cool to the touch while in use. Which is great, since each cookware piece has an aluminum-bonded base to amplify heat conductivity on all cook tops. And the cook and look lids are made of clear, tempered glass allowing you to monitor your food without opening the lid - keeping all the steam and flavor sealed in.
  • EXTRA WIDE RIMS: Spill no more! The extra wide rims make it easy to pour without dripping. Your sauces will flow without leaving you with a mess to clean up.

Fire up the kitchen! This stainless-steel cookware and mixing bowl set are ready to work. From prep to the stove to the oven, you can make just about anything with Wolfgang Puck’s cookware set.

The Non-Stick Whitford Eterna Coating is the premier non-stick coating on the market. Your food will slide right out of the pan and onto your plate. Plus, the extra wide rims make transferring food easy by preventing drips and spills.

Each cookware lid is made of clear, tempered glass to withstand the heat while allowing you to closely monitor your meal without releasing any steam or flavor. And, Wolfgang has added cool-touch, hollow, stainless-steel handles to each pot and pan so that you can cook without worry.

The mixing bowls are oven safe up to 400ºF so it’s easy to pop your batter directly in the oven. What’s more, once you’re done – just pop the lid on and place it in the fridge. So simple! And, when you’re all done, the bowls and lids nest inside one another so they are easy to store. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful stainless-steel cookware and mixing bowl set to add to your kitchen, you’ll find no better option than Wolfgang Puck.

15-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set and Mixing Bowls