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Copper Mule Mugs - Set of 2



  • BEAUTIFUL COPPER EXTERIOR: The brushed copper design of these Mule Mugs will make a statement on your bar. The smooth exterior is sleek and modern while adding that classic copper color.
  • STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR: With Wolfgang’s Stainless-Steel interior, your drink will never be compromised because stainless steel does not interact with food and won’t affect the flavor.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: At 18 ounces, these copper mule mugs are larger than most and perfect for a dinner cocktail!
  • STYLED HANDLES: The styled handles add interest and functionality. Your drink stays cold without freezing your hands.
  • EASY CLEAN: Once cocktail hour is over, just rinse and soap your mugs – no soaking required.


In the mood for a Moscow Mule? Grab a pair of Wolfgang Puck’s copper mule mugs to add sophistication and style to cocktail hour.

The copper exterior makes it a showstopper, while the stainless-steel interior ensures the integrity of your drink.  And, at 18 ounces per mug, you’re sure to have plenty to enjoy!

Make cocktail hour even better with these copper mugs from Wolfgang Puck.

Copper Mule Mugs - Set of 2